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We are a dependable end of lease cleaning Cranbourne Company. We achieve the best results with 100% dedication from our company has professionally groomed cleaners; hence, we deliver the best quality to every client.

Discover 100% first-class cleaning services from End of Lease Cleaning

Today, your chances of receiving your bond in full at the end of your lease are highest if you have professional end-of-lease cleaning done. In addition to cleaning, leaving your home spotless, and impressing your real estate agent, an experienced cleaner has the necessary attention to detail to spot problems you would never think to make yourself. When looking for a company in Cranbourne that offers best End of lease cleaning, go with the best at the End of lease cleaning company to ensure you receive your entire bond. Our cleaning specialists in Cranbourne have helped countless tenants get their promises returned over years of experience by providing thorough departure cleaning.

Our skilled vacate cleaners have a wealth of expertise in keeping the area pristine and working with the end of lease cleaning checklists of various agencies. End of lease cleaning Cranbourne provides a free same-day cleaning service. When you hire end-of-lease cleaners, you have more freedom since, if you cannot be home when the house is being cleaned, you may leave the key in the letterbox or under the mat. In order to provide a cleaning guarantee of 100% satisfaction, our specialised end of lease cleaning will locate the best cleaning team close to you.

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With our End of Lease Cleaning group, you can count on a precise result. We employ thorough cleaning checklists to ensure nothing is overlooked and deliver a first-rate clean. This plan also guarantees that every assignment we handle is kept clean to the same standard.

We also have all the most recent equipment and materials. Our top-notch equipment can clean domestic and commercial settings, and our ample supplies are most effective at getting rid of dirt and grime.

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Our few services for you

End of lease window cleaning

Window Cleaning

It is a fine idea to keep your rental property immaculate when you vacate to maximise your chances of getting your bond back.

At our End of Lease Cleaning, window cleaning is a part of vacate cleaning service in Cranbourne.

Why take the time to manually clean windows if all you will do is leave streaks and marks?

The equipment and supplies needed to provide a high-quality finish are available to our knowledgeable cleaners.

Bathroom Cleaning

In Cranbourne, we offer the best End of lease clean services. We can clean the restroom for you, leaving it pristine and hygienic.

We clean and sanitise the toilet, sink, and bathtub with all surfaces, shower rails, and mirrors.

Additionally, our trained experts will carefully clean every surface in your bathroom, including the door frame and handle, light switches, power outlets, and so on.

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End of Lease Vacate Cleaning Cranbourne

Carpet Cleaning

Even if you have been diligent about maintaining your house, most real estate agents insist that expert carpet cleaning be done once your lease expires.

When you want the best carpet cleaning for your bond back cleaning in Cranbourne, go with the team at End of Lease Cleaning.

Our experts have years of experience in steam, dry, and expert stain removal for carpets. We also provide a carpet cleaning receipt when the job is finished.

Value of our End-of-lease cleaning in Cranbourne

For tenants, the bond loss is typically due to inadequate cleaning. Leaving a house in disarray due to dirty windows, unwashed walls, or a grimy kitchen causes issues for everyone involved.

In addition to the time required by your property’s landlord, cost of professional cleaning will be subtracted from the bond you paid at the start of your lease.

To minimise trouble and inconvenience and to save time, money, and stress, it makes sense to employ a professional vacate cleaning for your house.

If you are looking for the best experts, then our End of lease cleaning are pioneer in providing the best end-of-bond cleaning in Cranbourne to ensure your house is absent in the greatest condition probable.

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Why choose us?

End Of Lease Cleaning Cranbourne

Everything is included when you make a reservation with our Cleaners. You can schedule your cleaning for any day of the week after receiving a free estimate over the phone from one of our social sales representatives.

Cleaning staff are available at all times, including holidays and weekends. If you need to reschedule or have any inquiries about your service, you can rely on a customer service team available around the clock to help.

On the day of the appointment, the well-trained cleaning crew will arrive with everything they need to do the job to the highest standard. If you cannot meet them, we may arrange a key pick-up from a nearby location.

After you have had an opportunity to review the work, the cleaners will go over any missed areas once more. Because the service is not dependent on an hourly basis, the crew will remain for however long it is necessary.

If something today escapes your mind, don’t worry. Our best end of lease cleaning Melton includes a 72-hour guarantee. Contact our customer care team, and we wil set up a free second clean as soon as possible to take care of any spots we missed.

Why should Cranbourne employ our services?

  • Reliable cleaners and trustworthy
  • Eco-friendly cleaning service
  • Basic conversation
  • The receipt and invoice are guaranteed to be accurate.
  • The end of lease cleaning cost is very low.

Why we are different:

Our end of lease cleaning connects you with vetted, qualified cleaners for all your domestic cleaning needs. We provide a 100% happiness guarantee and wait to collect payment until the cleaning is complete.

  • Certified cleaners: 

All end of lease cleaning are performed by recognised cleaning companies, and all cleaners have verified police checks and bring their equipment and materials. We offers total insurance for every clean order.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you are dissatisfied with your service or if something was overlooked, we will schedule a new cleaning without charging you any additional fees.

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Customers Reviews

They are pleasant, flexible, and punctual. The task was successfully performed. The information was clear, and the pricing was fair. We had an excellent experience.
Yesterday, I made a cleaning request for End of Lease Cleaning, and they quickly and effectively cleaned my office. I am incredibly pleased with their cleaning service.


Do you guarantee we will get bond back?

Yes, but we cannot guarantee your deposit back if you have damaged something for example. Even our company has a customer-friendly policy; hence, if you are unsatisfied with our job, we will provide a re-clean service without any extra cost.

How Long Does End of Lease Cleaning Take?

This always depends on the size of the property and how dirty it is. All properties are different, for example, a 2 bed flat or apartment on single level, takes 2 cleaners 4-5 hours normally. 

Is the oven cleaning included?

Yes. The Oven cleaning is a very important part of end of tenancy cleaning, We put a lot of focus on the oven.

What is your availability?

Our company offers flexible time schedules to every client; thus, you can find us working even late nights. Moreover, we are ready to work on weekends and other holidays without charging extra payments.

Do you give company receipt?

Yes, We provide a receipt whenever you book us for end of lease cleaning services

How Do i Book?

You can enjoy the freedom to book our end of lease clean Cranbourne services by calling us, reaching our official website, or emailing.

How many cleaners will be sent to my home?

Most of our cleaning teams consist of 2-3 cleaners, however, for larger properties we can arrange a bigger team. We always ensure that the job is completed on time and you get your full bond back.

What do you provide in your cleaning services?

We provide end-of-lease cleaning, carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, after renovation or builders cleaning, vacate cleaning, and move-in/out cleaning in Cranbourne, surrounding areas.

Do you clean wall marks at the end of lease clean?

If you have a couple of marks on the walls then we cover them in our cleaning cost. We also provide a wall washing cleaning service if you require entire walls to be cleaned with extra cost.

How long does end-of-lease cleaning take?

End of tenancy cleaning time depends on the property size, condition, and cleaning requirement. Normally, it takes half a day for the 2-4 bedrooms sized property.